We were given the honour of designing Carlo and Rachel’s wedding and engagement rings. It was such a pleasure getting to know them both and being able to reflect their unique sense of self in these special pieces.  Here is their story. 

How did you meet?
Rachel – We first met nine years ago on a night out in Melbourne. I was off for night out… dumplings in ChinaTown (of course taking full advantage of the BYO policy), followed by a short stagger down the road to the nightclub Ding Dong, where my friend and I loved to go to drink and dance the night away. This pairing was a regular occurrence, however on this particular evening, Carlo also happened to be heading to the same venue for a friend’s going away party. We met on the dance floor… I remember thinking how handsome he was, and after a bit of chatting and dancing, we shared a sneaky kiss. 

Where was your first date?
Rachel – Our first date was at Longrain (obviously, Carlo aiming to impress!), so it seemed very fitting that we also get married at the same place, upstairs at Longsong. 

What were your first impressions of each other?
Rachel –  The first time we met I remember thinking how handsome he was. On our first date, I remember how kind, open and considerate he was.

Carlo –  My first impressions were that she was a very friendly and kind person. The more I found out about her the more I wanted to know. I grew to know and love this sweet, brave and beautiful woman.

When did you realise that you wanted to marry this person?
Rachel –  I don’t know that there is one moment. You just grow together over time and you realise, this is the person who you want to spend the rest of your life with, no matter what. Carlo makes me a better person, and I thank him for that.

How did you propose?
Rachel – Carlo proposed at our favourite local wine bar in Collingwood –  The Moon. Very casual and low key. Carlo pulled the ring out of his pocket and proposed.  No one else at the bar even knew. It was private and intimate. He explained how he had designed the ring especially and it was perfect. Little did I know that what I thought was a local birthday dinner, turned into getting engaged at a beautiful fancy restaurant in the city. Good food and wine are our favourite way to celebrate. At my birthday drinks the next day, I was able to tell everyone in person!

Can you tell us a bit about the journey of collaborating on a bespoke ring and/or why you chose the specific design?
Rachel – Carlo and Alice went to university together and have a long-standing friendship. Carlo has always admired Alice’s work, so it made sense when it came time to designing an engagement ring – the choice was easy.  Carlo collaborated with Alice on the design process. Carlo was looking for a ring that was unique, understated and matched Rachel’s personality. When it came time to select wedding bands, choosing The Line of Sun again just made sense. Alice designed a bespoke wedding band to match and stack with my engagement ring and created a gold band for Carlo.