How did you meet?

We actually met on Tinder (classic), Eva says she didn’t know how to use it but she SUPER LIKED me.. I thought it was some catfish or hacker because she was – and still is way out of my league. We then exchanged texts, calls and did the usual social media courtship before organising a date.

Where was your first date?

Australian open final in 2019 – We had ground pass tickets and both loved tennis. Eva managed to get a free ticket from some random person and I was lost on the wrong side of the facilities in a hot and sweaty mess. So wasn’t off to the best start.  Finally we met and walked around before settling on the aperol bar (which would later be the iconic memory drink we always share together). We literally talked non stop and saw a total of ZERO minutes of the match. We then wandered around the city for 2 hours trying to find a late snack.

What were your first impressions of each other?

From my perspective, I was gobsmacked. She has the best big smile and big brown eyes.  I was immediately like – WOW. She was also taller than I imagined and just stunning all around. She’s super bubbly and talkative. It felt like we had met before and immediately calmed me from being a nervous wreck of a human. She was interested in me and asked lots of questions but also interesting in so many ways. My favourite thing though, was on the first date, she had talked me through her dream of opening up a pastry business or making art full time. It was amazing to see her passion and talents come through. She lights up whenever she speaks of her interests to this day.

If your partner was a type of food, what would they be?

Probably chocolate. I can safely say Eva is always eating chocolate in micro doses. She will take it into the shower or leave a piece beside our bed. It’s always a surprise where I find a piece of chocolate. She’s a walking kinder surprise. It suits her personality –  alert, sweet, romantic, loving… and drives the French stereotype further with loving expensive chocolates.

What was the biggest thing that surprised you about your partner?

She constantly surprises me with facts (knowing all the seas and rivers! haha), hidden talents and just being funny in general – her sense of humour is something that surprised me. Never taking herself too seriously, always able to laugh at something and always very humble and honest. I’m also always surprised with how much love she has to give to myself and the world.

When did you realise that you wanted to marry this person?

Straight away…. but in all seriousness. There was a spark from day 1 and always will be. I was sure there was a catch – maybe she would get bored of me or realise I’m a fraud. So I had to wait a bit at least and act like I wasn’t the keenest person ever. She dropped the ‘L’ bomb first, at that stage she was the one. 

What is the biggest thing you have learnt from your partner?

The importance of health, wellbeing and kindness to all. I can be quite brutal on myself and had ZERO routine before meeting Eva. I would stay up until sunrise or work 24/7.. I appreciate the time I have to share my life with someone. She generally helps me become better by being the inspiration for everything I do.

How did you propose?

We drove up to Portsea where we spent our first weekend together. I had planned to go on a big walk and repeat what we did on that weekend. I was really nervous about making it before sunset, so I was walking as fast as possible which was hilarious to Eva as I don’t walk that fast usually. We then settled on a spot, I tried to propose in French but she didn’t understand me. I just said it in english and we celebrated with an aperol watching the sunset and laughing.

Why did you decide on a hand crafted ring?

We love anything hand made and always wanted something that would suit Eva. She is very creative, humble and has a real effortless natural beauty.  When I stumbled across this, it was a perfect and easy choice.


Can you tell us a bit about the journey of collaborating on a bespoke ring?

The journey couldn’t have been any easier, I simply emailed and they asked a few questions. One of the ones which I found really impressive was their ability to guess the ring size and then recommend the gemstone. When the initial design ideas came through, I knew it was Eva and she would like it. Couldn’t have been happier!