What were your first impressions of your partner?

DT: Oh god, it was so long ago! I recall Hayley being quite bubbly which in hindsight is quite funny as she is generally quite reserved and introverted. I could also tell that Hayley had a sense of fun and adventure which I found very relatable.  As cliched as it is…. The eyes! Incredibly green and beautiful.

H: I met DT on my first day at a new job. I remember him walking down the stairs to reception and he was so well dressed and gorgeous. Our first conversation that day he was telling me about a holiday he had recently taken to Mexico. I remember thinking how easy it was to talk with him. I had a crush on him immediately! 

What is something that has most surprised you about your partner? 

DT: Ha! As tempted as I am to tease Hayley around messiness when we first moved in together, best I avoid going into too much detail so I can stay in the good books post engagement!! Not that it is a surprise, but I am always taken aback at how kind Hayley is – I would like to think everyone is kind, but Hayley really has a strong ‘care’ factor in so many ways that I find very endearing and wonderful.

H: He has quite a quirky sense of humour and I was surprised at how just at ease I felt and could be myself around him. 

What is something you have learnt from one another?

DT: I am quite pragmatic by nature, and with that comes some cynical thoughts – sometimes I can be pessimistic! Hayley however is generally quite positive and most occasions looking at things from a half glass full POV which I have learnt is the best way to first look at things.

H: Probably to be more pragmatic!! I’m creative and have a million ideas up in the air at any time. He taught me to focus on one thing at a time. 

If your partner was a holiday, what kind of holiday would they be? What does this say about them?

H: DT has a nickname –  ‘The Leisure Cat’, he would be poolside 3 Mai Tais deep somewhere tropical with his feet up enjoying the sunshine. For someone who can be quite serious and locked in when he is working, he knows how to relax!

DT: Tropical! Ocean! Beach! Hayley loves a tropical location for our trips away. We have been lucky to travel to some amazing places around the world – but I think she is always at her happiest on holiday in a beautiful tropic destination when your hardest decision is going to be what cocktail to get at sunset. What does that say about Hayley? She knows how to holiday well!

We worked on a trilliant cut diamond engagement ring with you. Can you tell us a little about what attracted you to such a unique cut diamond?

DT: I know that I wanted to create something special with Alice. Something that would have meaning, remain unique and also really appeal to Hayley.

Hayley was born on the 3rd of the 3rd and her lucky number has always been three. With this, I thought it could be nice to get this lucky number represented within the wedding band. The trilliant cut diamond having 3 points made perfect sense to me.

Through the process working with the team at The Line Of The Sun, it became apparent to me how unique the cut was. When we were able to source the diamond that we proceeded with I was over the moon!

Why did you decide to create a bespoke piece for Hayley?

DT: I really wanted to make sure that I worked on something that was unique and had meaning behind it. We both work in creative industries, and Hayley is an artist in her own right as an Illustrator and Graphic Artist. It was important to me to be able to work with an individual jeweller (also artists in their own right!) rather than a mainstream brand or cookie cutter ring shape and style.

I had come across Line Of The Sun a few years ago from seeing something on social media and had really gravitated to the pieces that Alice would showcase on Instagram – I loved her aesthetic and found all the pieces to have a real raw beauty to them. When I started looking into the engagement ring, I knew I immediately just had to reach out to Alice and work on a bespoke piece.

Both Hayley and I are originally from Melbourne (relocated to the warmer climate of Queensland nearly 10 years ago!) so being able to work with Alice who is based in Melbourne felt nice for me too, working with the team was such a truly seamless experience. Each milestone was clearly communicated with photos & videos – and was so amazed with the final product when I received it. Now it looks even more amazing on the hand of my soon to be wife and life partner!