Back in 2021, we had the honour of working with Matt on a very special engagement piece. We sourced a collection of raw diamonds so he could personally select a gemstone that he felt best reflected Taylor. Once we got to understand his vision, we got to work on hand sculpting his piece and setting his diamond before having it cast in white gold.  A little while later Matt popped the question and we had the pleasure of meeting Taylor and working on their bespoke wedding bands. They later eloped to WA for their gorgeous ceremony before welcoming their baby Zephyr into the world. Taylor who generously shared some moments of their love story.

How did you first meet?

We first met through mutual friends. We had been hanging around together with our friendship group for a while, and then things just slowly started to blossom between us.

What is something that you have learnt from each other?

That there is no point stressing about the small things, or not making the most of the time we have together. That life goes quick so soak up all the important things and all the simply sweet things

What is something that has surprised you about each other?

Something that surprised me about Matt- how caring and emotional he really is.

Marriage means different things for different people, what does marriage mean for you?

It means the same to the both of us, its about truth, communication and having each others back. Being there for one another through the great times and even more through the tough times. Marriage doesn’t work if you’re not both on the same page, helping each other navigate through life.

How did you propose?

Every year on our ‘Going out’ anniversary we go out on our property and cook baked potatoes in the fire near the creek. It’s the only time of the year we are allowed to have backed spuds lol a little tradition we set and have been doing for 9 years now. And on one of those years Matt got down on one knee in the creek and asked me to marry him.

For your special piece you chose the unique option of raw diamonds, what drew you to creating the unique bespoke piece that you did?

I think we loved that they are as natural as possible, untouched, allowing their own unique beautiful imperfections to shine. And knowing that the diamonds are unique to my ring, that they don’t look or share the same details as any other diamond, makes them even more special.

How do you feel your pieces reflect you?

I feel like just that aspect of being untouched and raw, reflects us both very well. Being farmers and both very grounded people, choosing the natural diamond just felt right for us. The same with Matts band also, another imperfect piece that was perfect for him.