The Love Lock collection is inspired by a folklore symbology that has been passed down and reimagined throughout the ages. Dating back as early as the medieval period, the lock is considered a protective amulet, safely locking away that which is most important to you – be it your life, your spirit, or your partner’s love.

This collection features hand sculpted delicately textured love locks with embedded black diamonds and red rubies.

Pictured below, our Love Lock earrings in 9ct yellow gold and our Love Lock necklace featuring an embedded black diamond.

Decorative padlocks were popular during the Georgian period and Marie Antionette was said to have adorned a gold padlock and key. During WWI soldiers were documented to have worn padlock amulets to protect themselves in battle.

Below, a gold love lock ring from the 15th Century AD.

The below pieces feature rubies embedded in 9ct yellow gold.

In recent decades this motif of protecting one’s love has sparked the public imagination as many people around the world write their names on padlocks, secure them to public bridges and throw the key into the water beneath.  Famously, the Pont des Arts pedestrian bridge in Paris exhibited an estimate of 700,000 padlocks.



Designed as an offering of self protection, protection of love, and of everything we hold most sacred.  See here to view all pieces.