Gemstones are prized for their profound beauty, rarity and durability. In their natural state, they present as organic rock formations, which we refer to as ‘raw’ stones. They can then be cut to reveal their unique colouring, inclusions and wondrous beauty.

While a gemstone can be cut to any shape or pattern, there are some cuts that have been popularised due to their desired shape and incredible ability refract light. Some cuts are more common than others with rare cuts being quite difficult to come by.  The rarity and unique qualities of a cut can increase the price of the stone.

Below a chart of some of our most popular variety of gemstone cuts.

Below, a claw set emerald cut diamond in 18ct yellow gold & a claw set pear cut parti sapphire in 9ct yellow gold.

Below, a claw set trillion cut deep green parti sapphire in 14ct yellow gold & a marquise cut salt and pepper diamond in a 14ct yellow gold band.

Unique Cuts

As well as the traditional gemstone cuts, in recent years unique cuts have become more popular. Gemstone cutters may cut their stones with unique shapes to highlight the brilliance of the gem in more creative shapes

Below, a claw set kite cut icy white diamond and a unique cut salt and pepper diamond in 14ct yellow gold.

Below, a claw set chequerboard cut rutilated quartz & a claw set unique trillion cut champagne diamond.

Raw Gemstones

‘Raw’ refers to gemstones which are uncut and in their natural organic state. Each raw gemstone holds its own unique properties that result from its formation process – therefore the shape and size of every raw stone is unique.

Below, bespoke 9ct yellow gold rings featuring embedded raw sapphires.

Below, a claw set raw tetrahedron icy white diamond & raw white sapphire ceremonial set.

Get in Touch

If you would like to create a bespoke piece and are unsure which gemstone cut you would like, please get in touch –  We are more than happy to discuss any questions or ideas you might have.  If you know what gemstone cuts you would like to explore, let us know and we can provide you with a personalised gemstone selection.