Our Offerings

All our handcrafted pieces are cast locally using 100% recycled precious metals. We offer all of our pieces in 9ct, 14ct & 18ct Yellow, Rose and White Gold.

What is Gold?

Gold is a naturally occurring chemical element found beneath the earth. It is highly valued for its bright attractive colouring, malleability and indestructibility.

Gold in its pure form is incredibly soft and pliable. For jewellery, gold alloyed with other metals increases its hardness to ensure pieces can hold their shape over time.

Pictured below – three bespoke sapphire rings in 9ct yellow gold & the Amari ring with a round cut white diamond in 9ct rose gold.


Carat Count

Gold ‘Carat’ refers to the amount of pure gold mixed with the metal alloy. The higher the carat count, the higher the percentage of pure gold in the metal alloy mix.  

Generally, 9ct gold has a standard mix of 37.5%, 14ct gold has 48.5% and 18ct gold has 78.5%.

How to Select Your Metal Type

The different carats of gold hold their own specific qualities in their colouring and hardness. Whichever metal you choose ultimately comes down to personal preference. 

The higher the carat count, the richer the gold colouring will be. 9ct gold is the lightest in colour.  To the naked eye, it might look similar to 14ct gold, however it is more susceptible to tarnish due to its higher percentage of alloy metals. 18ct gold is the richest in colour, yet a slightly softer metal due to its higher gold ratio.

For special pieces, such as engagement rings, we typically recommend 14ct – 18ct gold as it has the best durability over time. Whichever you choose however is entirely up to you and with proper care, all gold will last a lifetime. 

Caring For Your Gold

We always recommend removing your jewellery before exercising, swimming, working, or any heavy handed activity.  This is to avoid any small scratches, marks, or tarnishing. All pieces will come with a polishing cloth so that tarnishing can be removed if it does occur.

Pictured below – bespoke diamond and green sapphire ring in 14ct yellow gold &  two bespoke 9ct yellow gold bands with embedded round cut rubies & green/blue sapphires.

Gold Colours

The different gold types are created by selecting certain coloured metals to add to the alloy mix, achieving the different gold colors.

Rose gold is typically mixed with copper to create its warm hues, while white gold is typically mixed with cooler metals such as nickel, zinc or silver.

All gold types are of high quality and with proper care, will stand the test of time.

Pictured below – a one off marquise cut smokey quartz in 9ct white gold and our Mythos ring with a round cut Onyx in 9ct rose gold. 

Supplied Metals

Unfortunately we are not able to use any client supplied metals in our process. Our suppliers have a strict quality control process and cannot guarantee the metal alloy mix or integrity of supplied metals.

Above, bespoke 9ct yellow gold rings with rose cut salt & pepper diamonds.

for more information get in touch – hello@thelineofsun.com